Liquid Glass
Soothing music made entirely from the pure tones of glass.



Every musical tone you hear on this CD was created from glass.

I chose to use glass objects as the basis of this recording because of their pure tones and harmonics. I used wine glasses, bowls, bottles, cake holders, and other glass objects: striking some, blowing across the tops of others, and bowing others.

These were interesting sounds, but not very musical. Glass tones, on their own, often sound harsh, and are nearly always out of tune. With the help of digital audio tools I was able to tune and process the sounds. New musical instruments were created that would be difficult to replicate in the real world. For example, I could record several layers of violin bows pulling across the edges of wine glasses partially filled with water. This created a shimmering virtual glass orchestra sound. Or I could slow down the sound of a knock on a baby food jar until it sounded like a giant bronze bell.

After processing and refining the tones, I was also able to program them to respond to a piano keyboard and other controllers. Now I could compose and record melodies, rhythms, and chords. As if by magic, the glass tones were transformed into music. I hope you find it soothing and enjoyable.

-Geoff Groberg